Croatia Cruise 2017


This is an itinerary of sea and sun. In a week, you visit the peninsula of Istria and the Kvarner Gulf, among villages which are miniature jewels of Venetian art and islands famous for their natural beauty.


Departures from Caorle, Italy (it is only 50 Km from Venice, we can arrange the airport transfer), Zadar, Split, Croatia.


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Prices Starting from 510 Euros per person per week!


Discounts for groups.


You can also rent your boat, in Venice, in Pula or Split (Croatia), Click here for:
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PRICES SAILING CRUISE 2017 (per week, per person):


  ZADAR - 510 €  590 €
 SPLIT  -  -  610 €
 CAORLE 510 € 510 €  590 €







Friday: embarkation in Caorle between 16.00 and 18.00. Conditions permitting, a night crossing may be possible. We can arrange the airport trasfer from Venice, (18,00 Euros per person, round-trip ticket, minimum 6 people).

Saturday: You can go ashore at various points along the Istrian coast: Novigrad, also known as Cittanova, in the north of the Istrian peninsula, or Vrsar, also known as Orsera, and Rovinj, the now famous Rovigno, jewel of Venetian art. The morning is spent dealing with Croatian customs procedures, while the rest of the day is dedicated to visiting the chosen locality or enjoying a dip in the sea at one of the many beaches opening up near the villages.

Sunday:head south and stop at Veruda near Pula (Pola) or in the nearby bays, passing by Premantura. The night is spent at Medulin, the most southerly point of Istria.

Monday: spent crossing the Kvarner Gulf. Lunch is on the island of Unije, while the evening is spent on the island of Lo_inj and night in the marina.

Tuesday: leave Lo_inj for the island of Susak (Sansego). Here you spend the night at anchor.

Wednesday: back across the Kvarner Gulf, stopping for lunch and a swim in the hidden bays along the coast. You spend the night at anchor at Veruda in Istria.

Thursday: departure in the morning after the relevant procedures from one of the chosen localities (Vrsar, Novigrad, Rovinj). There will be time for a last dip in one of the bays along the Croatian coast and then departure for Venice.

Friday: disembarkation at 9.00 in the morning.