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Our means of transport is the yacht. This is the way we have chosen to enjoy the sea and discover the natural environment. For us, it is more than a choice. It is a natural consequence of our passion for the place where we live - Venice and its lagoon.


Everyone knows Venice and admires its architectural beauty, harmonious landscapes and evocative corners, characterised by an intricate blend created by the hand of nature and the hand of man. But the unique atmosphere which has made it famous throughout the world is the fruit of such a delicate balance that its very existence is at risk. It is no secret that Venice literally risks being "eaten up" by the very element which gives it its character and on which both Venetians and tourists move about - water. Every movement of the tides removes a piece of the lagoon, helped by the wash from the motorboats used for transport and commercial activities.


And it is our respect for Venice which is behind our decision to live and propose this environment in the least invasive way possible - the sailing yacht. Thanks to its structure and water line, the yacht does not, in fact, cause any impact on the surrounding environment as there is no wave motion, even when using the engine. When you go by sail, there are no leaks of fuel or pollutant emissions. You can explore places naturally with an eye to their conservation, genuine Sustainable Tourism, promoting the growth and development of the places being visited.


Sustainable Tourism, in fact, places the emphasis on the consequences of the tourism. The main objective is to visit natural and cultural attractions, helping to conserve the area and develop its traditions and populations.


To find out more about Sustainable Tourism: World Tourism Organization and Associazione Eco Turismo Italia