in CAORLE (Ve) 








A three-day trip among the hidden marvels of Venice, the islands of Burano and Poveglia and the fishermen's village of Pellestrina.



First night: embarkation at 18.00 in Venice, take place in the boat, briefing and overnight on the boat. You can also arrive the first day of sailing in the morning.


First Day of sailing: sail in the direction of the north lagoon, passing between Sant'Erasmo and Treporti and going ashore to visit the islands of Burano and Torcello. Night at anchor or moored near Burano - Torcello - Mazzorbo.


Second day of sailing: trip out to sea through the Lido island (where the Venice International Film Festival takes place) and sail southwards back into the lagoon through the Malamocco inlet. Night at anchor off the island of Poveglia.


Third day of sailing: visit to the fishermen's villages of Pellestrina and San Pietro in Volta and sail back towards Venice. Arrival at about 16.00.




Hoist the sails and after leaving Venice, tack out to sea, past the Sant'Andrea fort built to defend the city of Venice from attack from the sea.

If you keep slightly to the right you can admire the unique characteristics of a place which is a cult for Venetians, the "bacan", an area of sand stretching from several square kilometres to just a few hundred metres depending on the tide. This is where Venetians have been going to fish or spend the humid summer days on their boats for centuries.

Once you enter the Treporti channel leading to the extreme north of the lagoon, you are plunged completely into the typical lagoon scenery. It is a place which lives to the slow rhythms of the tide, transmitting a unique sense of peace and tranquillity.

Among the salt marshes, you can glimpse the brightly coloured houses and famous leaning bell tower of Burano.

After the obligatory stop to visit the islands of Burano and Torcello, you can find safe moorings near Mazzorbo. Here and on Burano there are numerous restaurants offering fresh fish and typical recipes from the Venice lagoon, an excellent place for dinner and to spend the night.

Leaving the islands of the lagoon behind, head out to sea through the Lido inlet to sail with the borin, the morning wind blowing towards the South. Sail along the full length of the Lido coastline with its beaches and historic hotels, to then re-enter the lagoon through the Malamocco inlet and drop anchor near the fascinating island of Poveglia.

In the morning, the view is enchanting. Weigh anchor and head towards the fishermen's villages of Pellestrina and San Pietro in Volta. In this enchanting place you can eat in the restaurants near the water's edge where you can admire the typical fishermen's huts rising up among the lagoon shallows.

Sunset is your travelling companion on your way back toVenice. Fix the sensations evoked by the places you have visited in your mind and leave behind you that peace and tranquillity which only Venice and its lagoon can still transmit.